Dalian days industrial co., LTD is a provincial agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise and the national department of agriculture health aquaculture demonstration pilot enterprises, with rare sea fish farming as the main business, committed to build professional mariculture base with the international advanced level. Among them, top brand – “was” pufferfish pufferfish account for more than 70% of China’s total exports, was pufferfish has become the industry leader, is also the Chinese fishery association, standing vice President of the puffer fish branch units.

Since 2016, tianzheng company has actively responded to the national call for agricultural supply side reform, and has planned to invest hundreds of millions of yuan to develop the digital fishery construction of Marine fish culture industry. After a year of construction, land, sea and relay cultivation mode optimization was basically completed, the base has covered completely digital intelligent monitoring system, realize the breeding environment, farmed fish, such as comprehensive monitoring, for the next phase breeding the entire digital control, automation equipment, application of foundation, will greatly save manpower, reduce labor intensity and the difficulty of production.

Divimath latest DM5676 series products are integrated video image transmission and data transmission channel of the wireless monitoring products, applicable to construction of seawater aquaculture iot, surface and underwater video and sensor data acquisition can be transmitted to the bank office, along with all the big the lees for days company mariculture full digital control system to provide cutting-edge technical support to upload video and data acquisition.