DM5680/DM6300 is a wireless HD video transceiver solution with near zero latency using HDZeroTM technology. A pair of DM5680 working as transmitter and receiver provides unparalleled robust video/audio/data secure links from air to ground unit. DM5680/DM6300 transmits raw video instead of compressed video stream in order to reach less than 1 millisecond latency. The excellent capability of anti-interference, low power consumption and smaller footprint make DM5680/DM6300 a perfect solution for First Person View (FPV) applications.

Key Features

  • Near Zero Latency
  • Smart de-Noise
  • Stable Reception in Long Distance/High Velocity Scenario
  • Up to Full HD 1080P30
  • No Video Compression Needed
  • Built in OSD for Displaying


Transmission range (line-of-sight) 1.3km (5.8GHz, 20dBm)

22km (520MHz, 30dBm)

Bandwidth 6~30MHz
Video Interface DVP (BT656/BT1120 like)
Audio Interface I2S
Peripherals 2xUART          2xPWM

4xGPIO          Serial Data Port

Package Small footprint 96-QFN, 10x10mm
Power Supply 1.2V/3.3V
Power Consumption 200mW typical
Operation Temperature -40℃~70℃

Nero Zero Latency

The link latency of DM5680/DM6300 (from DVP input at air unit to DVP output at ground) is less than 1 millisecond. Including the latency from CMOS sensor and display or FPV goggle, the glass (at camera) to glass (at goggle) latency is around 15 millisecond, almost the same as analog vision link.

Smart de-Noise 

In low SNR scenario, the traditional digital video link is not able to provide stable data stream, thus blacks out display. DM5680 employs innovative anti-interference technology to provide robust video link.


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