DM5676 is a digital fishery program designed specifically for marine fishing grounds. It does not rely on 3G/4G and other public networks. It uses microwave communication technology to achieve video surveillance and water quality monitoring. It does not require communication costs, and can also be covered by 3G/4G public network. It aims to improve fishing efficiency through digitalization technology. This scheme integrates high definition video surveillance and remote control, and has the function of real-time collection and statistics of water quality data and alarm. The monitoring range is far, the fishing ground can be watched in real time in the coastal center, and the response is made in time by analyzing the collected water quality data. At the same time, video and data can be connected to the network, and in any place where there is a network, it can be viewed in real time by the mobile phone.

The front-end (video capture + water quality data acquisition) the use of solar power supply system, can get rid of the cable bound fast installation, to monitoring front-end operations, a one-time installation, economical and reliable, corrosion protection equipment all waterproof / anti salt fog, solve the problem of long-term exposure and long-term water corrosion environment. The data transmission distance up to 10km, the remote video / temperature / salinity / oxygen content and other data to the central coast. The equipment considers all day power supply, the maximum daily operation time is 24 hours, the rainy day can work continuously for 3~5 days (can be adjusted according to the demand).

This scheme can be integrated with the cable security of the coast, and the real-time display / time storage / replay of video can be realized. Video cameras can be controlled on a mobile phone at the center of the coast or on the far end of the coast to watch the video of the cage anytime and anywhere. The water quality is analyzed by the data of the sensor, and the abnormal alarm is carried out.