DM5670 Long distance wirelss HD video transmission system based HEVC encoding algorithm, is a kind of quick deployment of wireless video transmission system solution to product, the transmission distance, image quality, the whole machine performance has a great user experience. Excellent baseband signal processing technology and system-level design can meet the demand of video transmission in most scenarios.

DM5670 also greatly reduces the power consumption and physical size of the transmission system. With the fusion baseband signal processing technology and rf technology, its smaller volume can meet many application needs and is easy to install. Low power consumption can reduce outdoor battery consumption and increase battery life cycle.

DM5670 adopts the new generation of h.265 coding and compression standard, which is about 50% lower than h.264 in the same picture quality. Under the same code rate, the picture quality is better and the details are richer than h.264. Under the same transmission power and quality, the transmission distance can be effectively increased compared to h.264. Through the independent optimization algorithm to reduce the delay, CPU occupancy rate and so on, to meet the 2Mbps code flow transmission 1080P60 can have a remarkable image quality. COFDM modulating demodulation technology + h.265 video image coding scheme effectively reduces the transmission pressure of wireless channel and increases transmission distance.


Encoding H.264, H.265
FFT Model 2K, 8K
Code Rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Interval 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
FPS 1080P@60fps Backwards compatible
Frequency 520MHz, 1434MHz
Bandwidth 5MHz-8MHz
Transmission Distance The measured distance is measured 40Km(30dBmTransmission power)
Link Delay 300ms
Receiving Sensitivity -98dBm/5MHz
Encryption AES128
Mobile Transmission 280km/h
Physical Properties
Input Interface HDMI
Output Interface HDMI, RJ45
RF Interface SMA
Power Consumption TX:1A@12VRX:0.5A@12V
Size TX:90*65*32mm


Working Temperature -30°C  ∼ +70ºC
Repeater Support mode (up to level 4 rep)

RX:520MHz-TX :1434MHz


Antenna Double antenna diversity reception.