Divimath Semiconductor Co. Ltd., founded in 2013, under the Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, Xi’an three center, the company’s main business: design, semiconductor integrated circuit chip and system development, application and sales and technology transfer, technical consultation, technical support and service. The core products of the research and development are: HD video signal transmission, transmitting and receiving chip and system, and provide suitable transmission scheme for all kinds of HD video applications. Research goal: design and production of the world’s first claim of high performance, high integration, high performance products. The product has been applied to various high-definition video transmission applications, such as security, automotive electronics, medical imaging, entertainment, industrial machinery, virtual reality, unmanned system, intelligent ocean and so on.

The Shenzhen team is mainly responsible for the research and development of frontier technology, the investigation and product definition of market trend, the technical consultation, support and service of domestic and foreign customers, and provides customized solutions, technical support and other services for customers.

The Xi’an team focuses on basic R & D, providing technical support and innovation services for the product core R & D. The Silicon Valley subsidiary hired experts and consultants to do technical guidance and support. In the process of R & D, Silicon Valley technology experience was used to overcome technical difficulties. R & D personnel have many years of experience in the Silicon Valley semiconductor industry.

 –2013 was registered and established in 2014, and the Xi’an R & D center was officially operated in 2014.

 –The DM8600 in 2014 is the first SDI transmitter in the world with two-way communication functions, with the smallest area and the lowest power consumption. DM8600 the market share in this market is preceded by the similar products of famous foreign companies.

–2014 third of the third Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship were obtained.

–2015 we won the key Chinese overseas Chinese entrepreneurship team of the State Council.

–2016 the developed video transmission chip solves the EMC/EMI problem by original technology, making HD video transmission no longer rely on high price cables. It will be widely applied in the field of car entertainment and medical imaging.

–2017 The wireless Ultra HD video remote transmission product, which meets the requirements of long distance and high quality, is applied to the field of wireless transmission, such as UAV industry application and video surveillance.

–2018 is developing a real-time wireless HD video transmission scheme, which meets the requirements of zero delay and high quality. It will be flexibly applied to VR/AR, self driving vehicles, FPV and other wireless transmission fields.

–2019 The zero latency wireless HD video transmission IC DM5680 has been successfully tapeout. And the FPV video transceiver equipment cooperated with FATSHARK has been mass-produced and sold on the market.


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